Thursday, September 28, 2006

Florida Marlins rookies set a MLB record.

Anibal Sanchez(10-3), Josh Johnson(12-7), Scott Olsen(12-9) and Ricky
Nolasco(11-10) became the first four rookie pitchers to finish in double digit
victories in a single season when Sanchez got his 10 win last night beating
the Reds 7-2.
Of the four , Sanchez had the most difficult path, since he didn’t join the
Marlins until June 25 against the Yankees.That day in his big-league debut
tossed a 5 2/3 shutout innings at Yankee Stadium.
He carved his name in history , tossing a no-hitter in just his 13th start on
Sept. 6 against the Diamonbacks.
In so many ways, Sanchez is so much like the Marlins team itself, for he is
as fascinating and surprising, rising out of obscurity to baseball lore.

Friday, September 22, 2006

The NL wild card race is red hot.

The Mets who has the best record in MLB are waiting to know who their
opponent will be for the play-offs.
The New York Mets by finishing with the best record in the NL are entitled
to play the wildcard winner.
Seems we won’t know who is going to be until the last weekend of the season.
At this time the Angeles Dodgers, the Philadelphia Phillies,
the San Francisco Giants and the Florida Marlins are in contention for this
If the wild card is won either by The Dodgers or the Giants then the Mets
will play against them, but otherwise if the Phillies or the Marlins win then
the second best record rule will apply since a team can not play with another
one of the same division and the Phillies and the Marlins are in the same
division with the Mets.
At this time the St Louis Cardinals is the team with the second best record
but still we don’t know who is going to win the west division.
In the west the San Diego Padres are in first place but only half a game
ahead of the Dodgers and the Padres can be in the wild card race if they
loose the first place.
If the wild card race is won by a west division team then the Mets will play
them and the Cardinals will play the west division champion.
We have to see what happen next, but seems we won’t know until the last
weekend of the season.

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Rookie Anibal Sanchez tosses a no-hitter

Rookies contnue to make a big factor in the Florida Marlins race for the NL
wild card and last night was Anibal Sanchez night pitching a no hitter
for a 2-0 victory over the Arizona Diamondbacks.
The 22 year old Venezuela native became the fourth pitcher in Marlins
history to throw a no hitter.
The previous no hitter in MLB was a perfect game by Randy Johnson in 2004.
The victory was a very important one for the Marlins who move to a tie for
the second place in the NL wild card race.

Saturday, August 05, 2006

Are the Florida Marlins going to surpass the 500 mark?

I’ll say yes and a good indication is the Marlins record after the All Star
Are those figures enough to make the playoffs?
That’s another story.But one thing that I have to stress is that the pitching
rotation at this moment looks outstanding and yes this is very important
for any team wishing a playoff berth.
The starting rotation consist of Dontrelle Willis, Josh Johnson, Scott Olsen,
Anibal Sanchez and Ricky Nolasco. Five extraordinary young pitchers,
and the bullpen is not doing bad with Joe Borrowski as the closer.
No doubt is a big task for this young team but I will say that every Marlins
fan is looking forward to see how our team is going to do for the remaining
of the season.
One thing we can take for granted. If the Marlins made the playoffs the
logical candidate for Manager of the year in the National League is
Joe Giraldi.
Don’t you agree?

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